Divide Outdoor Activities

Pancake Rocks Trail


Pancake Rocks is a popular hiking destination located in Divide, Colorado, offering scenic views and unique rock formations. These limestone formations have been shaped over millions of years through weathering and erosion, creating the appearance of stacked pancakes. 


The trail is moderate to strenuous and best suited for hikers with some experience due to the significant elevation gain and steep sections. Late spring to early fall is ideal, with the most stable weather. Start early to avoid afternoon thunderstorms in the summer.


Location: The trail begins at the Horsethief Falls trailhead on the north side of Highway 67, near Divide, Colorado.

Phone: +1 (719) 636-1602


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Mueller State Park 

Mueller State Park is located in Colorado and offers various recreational activities such as hiking and wildlife viewing. It's a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts due to its scenic trails and diverse wildlife habitats. Certain trails within Mueller State Park are open to mountain biking, providing opportunities for cyclists to explore the park's terrain. 


Location: 21045 Hwy. 67 South, Divide, CO, 80814

Phone: +1 719-687-2366


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 Manchester Creek is indeed near Divide, Colorado. It's located within Mueller State Park, which is about 10 miles south of Divide, Colorado, in the central part of the   state. This area is known for its beautiful scenery and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, camping, and off-highway vehicle (OHV) trails   like  those found at Manchester Creek.


Location: Manchester Creek Rd Colorado, USA

Phone: +719-636-1602


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