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About Us at nestago

After trying out the long-term rental market, Lloyd and his wife, Shannon, converted their Colorado Springs property into a short-term rental in 2012. They knew the benefits of staying in a vacation rental and wanted to provide this hotel alternative to their guests. Success was found and they began investing in more properties and converting more of their long-term rentals into short term vacation rentals. 


In 2017 Lloyd & Shannon purchased a 2nd home in Breckenridge, CO.  They figured since it was out of town, they would try one of the big box property management companies.  They quickly realized the customer service and attention to detail just wasn’t there, so they did what anyone would do, and started their own management company.   


Lloyd & Shannon now own multiple properties and manage properties with their team in Colorado Springs, and surrounding Colorado communities.  This has grown into nestago, which provides full-service vacation rental property management services that assist homeowners and provide guests with exemplary customer experience and service. 

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Lloyd Hause

Sales and Marketing

Shannon Hause - Operations and Finance at nestago

Shannon Hause

Operations and Finance

Kelley McClure - Property Management at nestago

Kelley McClure

Property Manager


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